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Gus Presa was born in 1969, deputy in Seville and is a Geographer. He’s sportsman from an early age as a basketball player, he awakened years later to waves, and in 2003 he began surfing waves with a sit-on-top kayak. Two years later, he had his first waveski and ... never stopped! In the middle, he launched the website waveski.es where he publishes all his surfing as well as news related to the sport. He loves to surf in our country - where he is a presence more than usual in all our events - but his favorite spot is in Caños de Meca (Cadiz, Andalusia). He has surfed several countries and participated in several waveski worldwide and this year he took another step towards defending and passion for the waveski as he assumed the presidency of the World Association. In short, we have more than enough reason to talk to the new president!

Hi Gus. Tell us ... how was your candidacy and victory for the presidency of WWSA (World Waveski Association)?
In fact, there was no application. It came about in a natural way. They proposed to me the challenge of leading change, and I simply accepted it. People voted and I was elected. I want to point out that I consider myself to be in this position based on teamwork (leaning on a strong committee) and with a limited time horizon until the younger ones see each other in confidence to take on more responsibility.

You were one of WWSA's vice presidents. Was it in your plans to reach the top of the hierarchy?
In 2014 (Durban, South Africa), I was surprised to be proposed and elected as vice president. In 2016 (Santa Cruz, Portugal), the story was repeated but, this time, for the position of greater responsibility. So the answer is no. I never planned to reach this position. The circumstances were simply created for this and I accepted the challenge and the responsibility it entails.

We know you're reorganizing your workforce. What are the main news?
The first step is to carry out a good transfer of responsibilities and charges. Once we publish the composition of the new committee, we can start working autonomously. Ian McLeod, Clement Guilbert, Adam Harvey, Savannah Campbell, Miguel Fernandéz (Vice-President of Spain, who will be organizing the next one), are the main innovations (and not the only ones). World), among others. I also note the confirmation from Alizée Forestier that will collaborate with the WWSA website and our social networks. I consider this aspect essential for the promotion of the modality and we will work it very intensely. We can not forget other names like Doug Copeland, Pablo Arrouays,Virgile Humbert or Marcus Thompson that bring much experience to this group with so much potential.

And what about the future of WWSA ... what plans do you have?
First of all, it is necessary to take advantage of the legacy of the last world-wide one where 91 athletes participated, being many of them young people. We also had the adapted waveski for the first time and the female category grew in the number of participants. Now it is time to consolidate this trend and grow in this horizon. On the other hand, I am contacting the national delegates and there is a great enthusiasm and movement, particularly in the American continent. This is another focus of attention since, in Europe, an acceptable critical mass seems to have been created. Nor have we forgotten the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) where, historically, the waveski has always had a great presence.

Apart from the above considerations, I say that we will pay special attention to three fundamental pillars: young people, women and adapted waveski. There are specific working groups for the development of each of these areas.
We will also work on improving aspects such as seeding and making this process as transparent as possible and based on a published and permanently updated ranking.
Finally, and there are still a number of aspects that I am not quoting, I say that one of the things I also want to develop is to make it possible to consult our information in several languages. Not only in English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese and French (it's the minimum).

Jackie Dillon has been 17 years at the WWSA as president for the past seven years. What do you do with your work?
Before I begin to appreciate this aspect, I would like to express my thanks (personal) for doing everything to make this presidency transition so good. I also highlight the impeccable documentary organization that leaves us as an inheritance. Moreover, since your work has been so rigorous and of such quality, it will only inspire us to do so. We all know the importance that Jackie has had in the WWSA and we hope to have your experience and valuable advice. We want to thank you for the services provided with a surprise that we will soon announce.

How do you see the future of our sport?
I have already mentioned that the undoubted success of the 2016 World Cup, with 91 participants, makes us think that there is potential and that we are growing. We will undoubtedly enjoy this fact and will have to be reflected in 2018, with a greater number of participants and, above all, in the classes of young people, women and athletes adapted. In this way, and answering your question, I see a good future, without losing the perspective that we are and will continue to be a minority modality.

I know you're a frequent visitor to Portugal :) What brings you so much to us?
In fact, I surf more in Portugal than in Spain. This is due to the relative proximity of Seville (where I live) and because I find very favorable conditions for the practice of our sport. The area of Sagres (Algarve) is a three hour drive, so there are many weekends where you can find me there. It should be taken into account that the wave season in the south of Spain is limited to five months (from October to February), hence the most robust wave option is Portugal. Either way, it's not just waves anymore. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole environment, for the kindness of the people, landscape, gastronomy ...

And about 2018 in Pantin ... more a great achievement for the Iberian waveski!
This is a theme that directly involves the team of Dani Pérez and Ivan Pena. We know that all the excellent work that they have developed in previous years with the editions of Xtreme Pantin and, especially, the Kayaksurf World Championship 2015, for that they contributed. Thus, we will have a confirmed quality organization and a region (Galicia) with quality waves and sufficient infrastructure so that the participants and companions have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable event. To tell you the truth, I was more moved by the fact that Pantin was chosen as the host of the next Wavesi World, rather than by the surprise of being elected president. Now we have to seize the opportunity and do something really great among everyone.

Last words...
Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to introduce myself to the whole "waveski family" - as I like to affirm - and to tell you that I thank you personally for the effort you have always made in favor of the sport. It will not be new if I tell you that I have taken it many times as an example.

Thank you Gus! Congratulations and all the success for WWSA



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