KAYAKSURF CHICAMA by Maurício Borsari

"Luis did this trip because it was part of an old dream, since it had already surfed Reglan in New Zealand with a good swell (one of the candidates the longest wave in the world when it connects mented sessions). Always heard of Chicama as the title holder and thus was born this desire to know to compare and can have my own opinion about it. This year, I could finally experience Chicama in a very good condition and the bottom rarely held the two experiences that I recommend, but undoubtedly the wave more logs already surfed in Chicama was filmed and timed with 2'11 '' out of "el point" and going to the middle of "el hombre" and getting very tired is an amazing feeling ...

 The equipment used remain the same Mega Proton, select rowing and exit peak. The trip took place between 19 and March 25 when I went with a friend of surfing short board and long he had gone about 4 times. In fact the surfing season is considered from April to October, but locals say easily find good waves between March and November.

 The basic script after you arrive to Lima, consists of a local flight to Trujillo, about 1 hour and 1 minute Trujillo drive to the beach Malabrigo. In fact, considering the timing of our connections, this script took 1 full day but allowed lunch in Lima which is a fantastic experience.

 In relation to forecast the expected swell would have its peak on day 7 with waves 23 'and 15s period but have begun working on day 20. Indeed, the waves materialized as expected and as best drop the end of afternoon of 23 as the wind stopped and the series continued to be pumped. The waves were connected, one behind the other and there were few people in the water since everyone had surfed many waves in the morning and little energy left over for later ...

 Some interesting information: the wave has the title of surfable wave (ocean) longest in the world which makes a Cirquito 2.2 km surfable wall when they connect the 5 sessions: "el point", "them from the teats," " el hotel "," el hombre "and" el malecon "providing more than 2'30 '' surf. The return to the initial peak "el point" is by boat, in this case a zodiac because it is a bass boat easy operation for kayaks.

 Two other important information to consider for those who go surfing in Chicama: the first is the current at the peak that is significant will change according to the direction and strength of the swell, but is always there when you have waves. Another aspect is that if for some reason you do not complete the wave, you can position yourself to surf the next available, and this ends up giving a spread in the crowd that is relatively large in the good days.

 The Wave offers maneuverable walls with faster times and more mellow moments and hopefully over the direction of the swell, until not very deep tubes sessions. When you connect all the sessions, the main factor to consider to keep doing maneuvers from start to finish is the fitness. "