KAYAKSURF MALDIVAS by Maurício Borsari

The trip took place 05-20 of August and as usual I was on the island that has the wave of Pasta Point.

Interestingly this year in Indian Ocean waves season that runs from June to September for example Indonesia was served by several large swells, as Maldives despite not being far from Indonesia this year was not covered with a rich season for big swells, but for small and medium swells with great quality and little wind.

The surf during the stay was mainly Pasta Point a wonderful left with a wall in the first session, causing the surfer speed up to reach the second session (more tubular part of the wave) in a point being that the pipe runs right above that reef as the tide is very shallow water at the waist.
The other wave that was part of the trip was Sultan's which is on the island in front of a 5 minute boat or 15 minutes paddling kayak, a very consistent right with a peak further out and other innermost of a fantastic quality, but His fame she is very busy with several charter boats's anchored in the wave, on the same island, but on the other edge of the reef has Honky's one good left and as the direction of the swell it begins across from Sultan's and will circling the island (spectacular ).

Finally the next island peak known for Jail's name because of the old prison on the island and is a right a little more melow frequented mainly by long board, but a lot of quality as well.

In 2014, from 4 to 11 August happened the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy in Sultan's being a championship with a different format with 6 guests including Dave Rastovich, Fabio Gouveia, Sunny Garcia and Rochelle Ballard running batteries with monoquilhas, biquilhas, triquilhas and long boards, I could follow a few batteries because enjoyed to surf these times.

Here are a few photos with the surf just the Dhara authoring Pasta Point, a photo of arrival at Hulele airport that already gives a visual of how will be the trip of vibe an aerial photo of the hotel where is Pasta Point and one of the islands where is Sultan's and Honky's and other's Island Jail, a picture of the lagoon with the new generation and that's it.