This season (June 2014) Indonesia received very swell and ended up causing many accidents including some fatal. In the region of Telo during this period received two swells with good size and we had no major problems, just minor accidents, including one where I broke my two paddles in the stands reef and some cuts on the face because of a very fast, shallow wave and well tubular.

Another interesting fact is that was with us at the surf camp for about six days, the professional surfer Mitch Crews who runs the WCT and had just closed a sponsorship with REEF and was making a promotional film. We had some surf sessions together and even still being a promise of success in the WCT, it is always good to see high-level surfing perfect waves closely.

Regarding peaks surfed this year were Bubble Max's left Max's right, Le-BA and G.T's, the latter being a well tubular and fast wave that runs on top of a shallow counter providing a good tube but the same time a very sinister look. It was there in one of these waves that scraped the guy in the background taking a bruising on the forehead and nose, but nothing severe.

The equipment remains the same, Mega Proton (Kayak), Select crossover (paddle) and PEAKUK skirt.



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