World Class on Kayaksurf

Name: Aidan Brackenbury
Address: Bideford, Devon, England, planet earth, The milky way.
Occupation: Apprentice plumber
Age: 18

Other sports: Snowboarding
Gear: Mega Phantom, Mega trident, Reed chillcheater kit, Mitchell blades nemesis paddle.
Sponsors / support: Surfkayakskills, Mega surf kayaks, Reed Chillcheater, Mitchell blades, AEE Magicam

When did you started to paddle:
I started surf kayaking when I was 13. I injured my arm quite badly snowboarding when I was 12, so to help build the strength back in my arm my dad introduced me to river paddling and then it just progressed from there, I started to kayak in the surf more with my dad and found I enjoyed it a lot and I have done it ever since!

What disciplines do usually practice? 
I have only really ever done surf kayaking as the beach is 5 minutes from my house, but recently I have done a bit more white water kayaking.

How do you see the evolution of our sport?
Well I think it will continue to grow in to a bigger sport, there are already many surf kayakers around the world, and I would like to think the number will keep on growing.
Personally I’m developing higher aerials and deeper barrels. Going higher on airs mean more moves are possible. I don’t think we are too far away from seeing a kayak land an ally-oop air, or rotations around a helix (freestyle) axis when you’ve aired, and with great young riders coming through, I’m sure the limits will keep on getting pushed.

Best sportive achievement you had:
I would say my best sporting achievement was winning the kayaksurf.net best wave trophy at mundaka in 2011! Because it was a huge shock I really didn’t think I would have won that with so many amazing riders at that comp. I had a great final with Andy McClelland, the surf was fantatic, and me and Andy were just having a great time, which is probably why I surfed so well. I always surf my best when I’m having fun!

Your favourite spots:
I seem to have a new favourite sport every time I have a good session, but it’s got to be a local secret spot about 5 minutes from my house! It never disappoints!

Aims for future:
Try and push what I can do in a surf kayak and keep on enjoying the sport I love! Produce better media output so we can get the sport better promoted through video’s and photo’s etc. And most importantly, I want to be a slimmer, fitter, better looking version of Chris Hobson ;)

About Portugal:
Such an amazing place, I love it there I’ve been a few times now and have always had great surfs with great people. Ocean spirit is by far the best competition, everything about it just makes you want to keep coming back, and it serves vicious mojito’s….

About kayaksurf.net:
It’s the heart of surf kayaking, the sport wouldn’t be where it is today without kayaksurf.net! The work you do is really appreciated by everyone. Thank you.

Last words:
I want to thank all my sponsors Mega surf kayaks, reed chill cheater and Mitchell blades for their support, and mostly my dad for teaching me how to surf kayak and sacrificing hundreds of sessions to take photos!

About the video:
The waves in the video were filmed over the course of a week, which involved driving 2500kms, to chase the swell. We’ve been trying to go to Thurso for nearly two years, but everytime we had the time to go the forecast wasn’t so good. This time we decided to wait for the perfect forecast then go last minute, which is how we scored it so good. Thurso East is an epic wave. Situated on the North Coast of Scotland it was the site for the first formal surf kayak World championships in the early 90’s. A hollow right hander that breaks onto a really shallow reef, it requires a bit of good timing and a lot of holding your breath, hoping you’ll make it out of the barrel! It took us 15 hours to drive there from Devon and we arrived at 0700 in the morning. The photo that is the Kayaksurf.net front page was taken at about 0745 after a long drive with no sleep. We then had two days of great sessions before driving back down home again for work on the Monday morning. 28 hours in the car for 5 sessions, but they were quality…. The following weekend we surfed at home a small fun swell capped off a week of great surf!