by Oded Davidovitch

It was the second time that a group of us, “Israeli Waveski & surf kayak surfers”, have decided to leave our dry homeland to the tropical waves of Sri Lanka. The chosen spot was “Arugam Bay” which is the most significant surfing site in Sri Lanka. From May, “Arugam Bay”, gets a beautiful 2-4 feet swell which only grows, towards June and July. The surf is just wonderful and the water is warm and nice. You can find yourself surfing up to 300 meters long which is considered as fairly short regarding the latest months of the season.

One of us, “Udi Vitman” who was in Sri Lanka last year, had arranged everything in advance: transportation from the airport to the location and a great guest house with fairly good rooms and nice food. In addition, He had contacted a professional photographer from Colombo who joined us and accompanied us taking pictures and videos. We could look at them in the evenings and talk about how to improve style and surf technique. Most of the time we surfed the “Main Point” with twenty or thirty people in the water. The atmosphere was quite friendly and there was no need to make a fight for a wave. (Well, we are in our 40’s, so here’s an adventage of getting old and smart…). Being so, we ended our surf sessions with numerous waves and good chats with our fellow surfers. One of the locals (An amazing surfer) insisted to try a waveski and strived to catch some waves. Well, 10 minutes in the water were enough to convince him that it takes a bit more to get along with this wild horse. So, that’s about it.

Our big recommendation for those among us who go for a surf trip, is to well prepare your body for such an intense experience (Surfing about 5-6 hours a day). If not, then prepare the anti-inflammation pills for your return.