Robert Sommer | Mr. Robson

Name: Robert Sommer
age: 49
occupation: CEO of Megasports
Paddling experience: since I am 13 years old

Hello Robert, please introduce us Robson Megasports...
Megasports is theproduction company of brands like Robson, Lighthning paddles, Bondibeach and some more. Megasports employs about 100 people in different sister companies. We are exporting our products in 65 countries around the world.

What was the very first product of Robson brand... still remember?
Paddles, was our first step in the business. The Freestyle modell was our first big seller

Now, we can see that Robson has all for paddling: technical clothes, PFD, paddles, boats, kayaks but, what is your main selling area?
Boats and paddles, and now we run a whitewaterpark in Vienna Austria (www.viennacityrafting.at)

In the large product range, we see a brand new SUP (Kane) and also a surfkayak ( Fluxx). How was the Fluxx created?
Yes we partnered up with a friend from the UK. Our long tradition with kayaksurfing made this step happen. Our former agent and many times world surf kayak champion Tim Thomas created the connction to Nick Stillwell the designer.

And the SUP?
Our R&D person in the company is apassionate surfer, he wants to do it and we gave him the freedom to do it.

Now tell us... what are the prices for this new surfkayak and how can we get one?
Prices depends on the outfitting and the distributers. We are selling it in Spain and GB mostly.

Robson already collaborates with kayaksurf.net for a long time. We know that you have loads to do on your daily work... but do you follow our news and stuff?
Sure, because you are all around , you do a good marketing and a lot on social media. This motivated us to work with you for a long time.

Edu Etxeberria, Kayaksurf World Champ and one of the best european paddlers, paddles now with Robson support. Any news about Robson team?
We are still looking for good paddlers to join our team. This is important to develop new products and make current products better. To be a team member is not just support from our side it is a lot of work from the paddlers side as well. So we really look at the vita of the person before he joins the team.

Besides all this "Robson World", we can also see that the brand is always searching and very interested in all the environment issues. Tell us your policy in these matters...
We are looking forward and thinking about our environment, so we using a big part of our energy with our solarpanels and producing clean energy for our production facilities, we are developed a system to recycle the scratch from the boat producton and use it again. Also our ARMERLITE canoes are recycleable. Especielly rental stations honor this and renew the hulls from time to time. Also clean resins and the Flowtec paddles are an important step to make the products better for our workers and for the environment.

And that's all Robert. Thanks for your time. Your last words goes to...
My fantastic empolies, they giving me the impulse to work hard and creating always new interesting stuff dan to all the paddlers around the world buying our products and show it around. Thank you.

Thanks Robert! All the success for Robson :)