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Indo Surf trip
"September Sessions – Were two days of flights and connections from Sao Paulo - Brazil to arrive in Indonesia's perfect waves, where my surftrip started as the vast majority , except for two things in my luggage that are unusual around these waters , my waveski and my wheelchair. Although knowing that I would face several difficulties in the way, as access to beaches and shallow reefs, I was ready to face them and, knowing that while I had my friends around everything would work out well.

Arriving in KUTA, center of BALI, we had a culture shock of the rich and unique Balinese culture with its temples and barongs, chaotic traffic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, and in the midst of it all , I felt part of the chaos moving through the streets. To move between beaches and cities, we’ve rent a car, going to the first destination, Balangan beach, with fast and long left waves with several barrel sections in a heavenly and accessible place, where we spent the next four days eating Nazi goreng and drinking bintangs, surfing perfect waves getting used to the shallow reefs that I would get for the rest of the trip .

After this period in BALI, we took the ferry to the island of Lombok were we embarked on a small boat that took us to surf the breaks of OUTSIDE EKAS with long and heavy 8 foot waves, and INSIDE EKAS with lefts and rights manoeuvrable 6 feet waves to the night. In the following days we surfed the wave of MAUI, manoeuvrable rights and lefts rolling the bench. After six days in LOMBOK we heard about a new swell and decided to take the ferry to the next island called SUMBAWA to the famous and feared wave of SUPER SUCKS.

When we arrived at the beach, we saw the water be sucked at the big and colorful coral heads in a shallow and sharp reef, and a long wide and quick left tubes that earned us the best tubes of the journey for the next 6 days. Between surf sessions we were surprised with the various events in the region, such as, cockfights watered with bintangs roads crowded by monkeys, bikes with 5 people at once, etc. Our return back to BALI lasted 17hours by car and two ferries, and getting there we went straight to the airport to pick up 2 flights to PADANG in WEST SUMATRA, where we’ve taken the boat to the MENTAWAI islands. We boarded the boat BINTANG, a sailboat of 115 feet, very comfortable and with a great crew.

Upon entering the boat I was spreading ropes in strategic places to help my moving around the deck and in the cabins because my wheelchair did not go through several places, but with time I got used to the rocking of the boat and started to feel at home, spending the next twelve days between free diving sessions, fishing, lots of food and beer, while perfect waves as EBAY, PIT STOPS , ICELANDS, SCARE CROWS, LANCES L, HT’S, MACARRONIS, RAGS L and THUNDERS rolled right in front of the boat.

In the two biggest and best days we take a ripple of 8 feet in the LANCES L and HT 'S region. In LANCES L, jump into the water and we face with long, manoeuvrable lefts with wide tubes in the first sections of the bench, then straight after we went to the nearby wave called HT 'S, with a scary right of hollow tubes, breaking into a very shallow and sharp reef called the surgeon table, where I had the worst wipe-out of the trip, breaking a paddle and cutting the hands and fingers in several places, but the next day the same bench gave us the best waves of the entire trip. Upon returning to the port of PADANG, after spending a total of 40 days traveling around Indonesia, we began our return to home having sure that some day I will return. "