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Report by Yassen Zhelyazkov:

We thought about the Greek surf spots from long time. We learn about them from our friends - surfers and the FB page "surfing in greece"
And finally we took a trip to the closest places in Aegean sea. The forecast was good two days strong- S - SW wind, that will make big waves, and then to turn from the west, which change the shape of the waves.

In the first day we get to Chalkidiki Peninsula - the middle one finger - named Sitonia. According to the local surfers the best spot there is Kalamitsi Beach. But the waves was too small there. In front of Sarti village there is a big and open beach where we found those conditions - short period, but nice and long waves up to 1m. Warm water, sun and excellent weather. And this beautiful view to Mount Athos.It is already out of the touristic season, and the beaches are empty.

In the second day the storm should beat direct to the area of Kavala. It means some waves west form Kavala and even till Asprovalta town - deep in the bay. There was waves. Big waves. Especially after the wind turned from the west we found huge tubes.
Only the surf board riders took them. We'v just wait till the size fall enough for our skills. At the end we did few waves, but I did not liked the sports near Asprovalta, because the water there is very muddy. The reason for it is Struma river, that flows very close.

The next destination is Ionian sea - Parga (Kastro), Amoudia... In the pictures looks great .Well - we will see...

People: Ilia Iliev and me - Yassen Zhelyazkov

Equipment :
- RPF Diamond
- RPF Blast



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Have you got a contact for Yassen Zhelyazkov? I'm Bulgarian too - from the Rhodopis - and would like to make contact.

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