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Name:David Davage
Age: 32 going on old
Occupation: boat builder, shaper
Address: Everton south yorkshire, England, UK
Paddling experience: White Water, surf ski , Squirt.

Hi Dave! Congratulations for this new adventure of Downtime kayaks. Explain us it all happened...
Thank you very much. I was looking to branch out and make myself a living building kayaks and making a success of Downtime and thats where a friend of mine Peter Cornes put me in touch with Nathan, after we spoke a couple of times we meet up in a car park at the national water sports centerer and with sketcher's to follow i headed to the workshop with a new project .

We know your brand form the squirt scene... what advantages can you take form your squirt experience to kayaksurf?
Having worked in a glass shop making surf kayaks for another brand and making solid squirt boats already for world champions in my spare time I know that i could make solid boats without a compromise on weight.

For now, we only have the Alushe... present us the new projects..
I have now finished the Maximo and Raziel mold, the Raziel is the smaller sister of the Alushe just as fast and maneuverable as the Aluhse for the smaller paddler without that extra volume. The Maximo, BIG Brother of the trio is by far the surprise of them all, great all round performance with that little extra volume in the right places. ; )

This Alushe had a great premiere in the Worlds with Naomi and Nathan! Did you expected to have so good results with this new kayak?
NO NO! I know that they would do well as they are both awesome paddlers! Both myself and Nathan knew that we had a really good product when we meet up one evening at a bar after looking over the finished plug, two very happy people!)

I know you probably have lots of thing to do in the factory but... how often do you surf with the Alushe?
Well being slightly to large for the Alushe and then some, i paddle the Maximo and am loving it. Now I have moved house and workshop I’m 45minute drive from my closest break and I am getting out once a week and the weekend too.

Now, about our sport, how do you see kayaksurf evolution worldwide?
I believe that boats will get lighter and shorter without the compromise on speed. There is no doubt in my mind riders will get bigger air and will ride some of the plants biggest waves!!

And about the new designs that are coming from several brands... how do you see these new "surf machines"?
Where can I start??? Well, there are so many out there all with slightly different tweaks and shapes. All have a purpose in mind Airtime…

Imagine I want to buy a surfkayak... what advantages do you point about Alushe?
Alushe fast along the line with the extra grip from the rails, tight fast bottom turning with the extra speed to hit the lip! Light and solid, custom your boat, choose your own bespoke design, glittered or pigment.

Did you already surfed in Portugal?
Not as jet :(

Last words for those who will read this interview...
Thank you for reading this, please keep your eye out for new produces form airtime coming very soon! Cheers Dave......

Thanks Dave!



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