Name: Yassen Zhelyazkov
Age: 37
Occupation: kayak, rafting and mountain-biking guide
Interests: ww kayaking, kayak surf, snow kite during the winter
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
Competition records: none but our club (Tudurini Bros) organize the only show-kayaking competition which takes place in Bulgaria every year.
Paddling experience: 7 years
Personal Website: The site of our company/club: http://www.tudurinibros.org
Favourite websites: www.whitewater-bg.org
Gear: Necky Zip, Dagger ID-7. I plan to buy soon a kayak surfing boat. Paddle - Profilplast,

Ho Yassen! Are there more kayakers doing kayaksurf besides your group?
There are not so many people, that kayak-surf in Bulgaria. We are about 5-6 people which surf regularly, but it is getting more and more popular.

How often do you surf in the Black Sea...?
The Black Sea is quite closed so we do not have waves all of the time. We follow the wave forecasts, and never miss an action. During the autumn, there could be 3-4 storms per month. The best season is from September to November, when we can ride on 1,5 - 3,5 m. waves. Sometimes there are good waves during the spring and the summer.
The best wave spot is the Ahtopol harbor (South part of our coast). When there is a storm from the North /WN, N ,NE/, the wind blows offshore and the waves that come in the bay are very smooth and powerful.

The other best spot is Silistar Beach - small bay, close to the border with Turkey.
In very strong storms waves rise at the beach next to Vavara village. There also some other spots but those are the three major ones.

I notest that you all surf with playboats... did you ever tried a surfkayak?
Yes, I tried some in the past. No one of us has a surf kayak, because it is hard to get one here. Soon there will be!

And when do you come again till Portugal?
We got already tickets for 30th of September. I hope to hire a kayak and have good waves all of the time during these 10 days in Portugal. I am coming to Portugal on 30th September till 9th October with a friend of mine. We plan to spend most time surfing South of Lisboa. I guess it is easy to hire kayaks.

Thanks lot Yassen! See you in Portugal!