"Mentawai Magic"

Going to the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra would have be on the bucket list of most keen surfers. Not for the faint hearted who don't like rocks, reef cuts and triple overhead rogue sets. Most resort and boat operators are very experienced with stitching and I don't mean clothes! Situated in a location with access to 21 breaks, the Wavepark Resort is located on the island in front of the world class left hand break Hideaway's. The hosts recall a boat of waveski surfers camping out at Hideaways a couple of years back, I wonder who they were……….if only we took Gateway to Sorga to show them.

In 10 days, we got to sample 11 of those breaks ranging from 2ft to 6ft and a few bomb sets thrown in to test your nerve, particularly at low tide. This season there was only 6 days between April and October where there were no surfing options and with so many different breaks there is pretty much always an offshore wave to be found. We got to surf every day, most days 2-3 times, with Hideaways being a 200 metre paddle out from the bungalows. So many waves, so many magic moments. Some of the memorable moments include the barrels at Bank Vaults, being first out at Hideaway's most mornings, the air sections at Rifles on a day "when it wasn't really working", Steve claiming his biggest aerial ever at Candy's, and the very fast short rides at Pistols. Not all the sessions were caught on camera, but some of those magical moments have been captured by one of our very talented hosts, Alice Trend.



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