ALEJO PACHECO / Searching for the BIG ones in Costa Rica

Biggest wave surfed :
I always liked big waves. I starded to surf with surfboards for over 19 years and do river kayaking also. I have run waves for over 30 years (started in 1980) and I think the biggest wave I surfed, was one that my surfkayak (3 meters) fit three times higher in the wave…

Where and When:
I really like the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica (where I usually ran the biggest waves) but the Pacific has also been very good. There are photos showing the waves that come from the Pacific coast. Costa Rica has many places that hold big size waves and another great place I ran is Puerto Escondido (Mexico). I went there three times and I already surfed there on a giant day.

The surfkayaks I use are made by Malcom (Mega) , been specifically the Cyclone. I have proven many models, but always back to the Cyclone because when the waves are big you better have a kayak to paddle fast but with volume so you can down the waves. If you fall to take in more air volume helps you out faster: IMPORTANT.

Main thoughts about that feeling...
I like surfing big waves because they make me feel the power of nature, they force me to have a good physical condition and mental mind preparation.

Advices to big wave enthusiasts:
I think that people who wants to run big waves, must learn to know their limits and not be carried by what the others say. Sometimes, just to impress the others, you can hurt yourself and be forced to stop surfing. Be disciplined, good sportsmen, say no to drugs and yes to adventure.

Next challenge:
I would like to find a sponsor or some kind of support to get out most of my country. I would love to go surfing in Peru, Pico Alto, Chicama, Chile, Indonesia, Brazil (Pororoca) et. I would also love to ride waves with people who share this passion for big waves.