World IC Kayaksurf Champion 2011 / Mega Flying Squad

Name: Emma Wynter
Age: 19
Address: Swansea, Wales
Occupation: Student studying Accounting and Finance
Paddle since: I started when I was 15 years old
Other sports: wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking
Canoe Club: Swansea University Canoe Club
Sponsors: Mega, Gireau Spirits
Main sportive achievements: Ladies IC World Champion 2011, Ladies IC and HP British Champion 2011, 3rd in the World for HP 2009
Gear (kayak, paddle, helmet...): Mega boost, Mega cyclone, Werner paddles, Gath helmet and Reed cag deck

About the USA Worlds 2011:

The Worlds this year was so much fun. The level of kayaking has improved so much over the two years since the previous Worlds. There was some awesome surf too and so many closely-fought heats. I got to witness some of the best competition I’ve ever seen leading up to the Men’s final. Although I was a bit disappointed with my result in the HP, I was extremely happy with my result in the Women’s IC; it came as big surprise - I had no idea how I was doing when I was on the water! 

Next year I’m moving to Australia as part of my studies at Uni and hope to get in as much time in the (warmer) water as possible. Hopefully, the time there will give me some good experience of the Ozzy waters ready for the Worlds in 2013! Finally, I would like to say thank you to Mega Kayaks for all of the support this year and to Gireau Spirits who’ve recently agreed to sponsor me, and the guys who organised the Worlds this year who made it a great event!