Waveski in G-Land
By Bernie Huigsloot

I love the feeling of arriving to G-land.

After an all night hell bus trip to the fishing village, you have an epic boat journey straight to the wave, It's an awesome sight if the waves are good, because you stare straight into the barrel as you pull into boat channel.

G-land is in a national park and right at the tip of a huge bay. There is about 2 kilometers of reef which all works under different swell size and direction.

Kongs is the furtherest up the reef and holds the biggest waves when it is smaller , very rippable.You can get barrels, but very good for re-o's and cut backs, and can be quite heavy when big.

When the swell is bigger, Kongs sometimes becomes a mess and then Moneytrees is the wave of choice. This runs down the reef for 300 metres or so, then hits the launching pad and Speedies, which is the part of the wave everyone wants to surf. It barrels better and more predictable.

Past that is Quicksilvers and Chickens which needs a really big swell. Sometimes it is possible for all parts of the reef to be working on an in between swell.
This year we arrived on one of the biggest swells of the season so far. Quite intimidating.

You want to arrive there with at least 2 paddles, spare parts including screws, setbelts, footstraps, fibreglass etc. One year I broke 2 paddles and have broken four alltogether. Also snapped a nose after i hit the reef. Wear booties for the reef and sea urchins and my wife makes me wear a helmet, or I cant come.

Also, you want to be fit. swimming is necessary on big days, because every year, I lose my board on the bigger days. G- land packs a punch, it is very powerful if you are in the wrong place. A closeout or wipeout can mean a 800 mt paddle or a swim or both.

Anyway, I had another good year, I was battling a sore shoulder and taking it easy on the bigger days, and then on day 13, 1 aerial too many and badly stretched my shoulder. Ouch! then I missed 2 good days of Speedies, Oh well, Pay your dues I suppose. Every year many people get hurt and this year was my turn....... I'll be back

P.S, a funny story, it is the jungle and many wild animals roam about. This year some monkies broke into someones hut and stole the usual, you know, toothpaste, soap, pain killing drugs, but not the diahreah tablets, smart little buggers. They took a bag of viagra and for the next week the trees were shaking and they were very hyperactive indeed!!