Name: Virgile HUMBERT
Age: 19 born in 1992
Address: Guadeloupe for surfing and living good life, Toulouse, france for studies
Occupation: Student ingeenier Mathematics modelisation
Paddle since: kayak since 1999 wave ski since 2003
Other sports: Footing, raid, volleyball, tennis, swimming...
Canoe Club: Molem Gliss Le moule Guadeloupe
Sponsors: KS, Molem gliss, my parents, the département, my school
Website / Facebook: Virgile HUMBERT on facebook, website comming soon
Main sportive achievements:

World OPEN Champion 2011
French OPEN champion 2010

WWST11 Ocean Spirit Festival
Great Contest, good level but miss some goods rider ( Mat babarit ) we had waves, the spot was cool but good enough on my mind for a world championship.. the organisation of teh festival was great, good idea to group all the waves sports, and make party every night!! really goood spirit

Amazing place for waves, i've been there in previous september and had great waves like Ribeira de Ilhas, ericeira harbour ect... peoples are really welcoming and it's a pleasure to come here.. Be back for sure!! looking forward to see ripping youngs like Miguel Carvalho!! and for sure in april with the europeen OPEN in reibeira de illas!!

World waveski scene
Hope to see more and more youngs rippers, especially in all others countries than france, because we are the most young country and there will be the best performances from thoses riders. Its a shame that all the best riders from australia, south africa, ect... are senior or masters..

Future perspectives
Continue surfing in competitions as often as possible, to progress in free surf and travel new waves! that why i surf, that's why I'll continue to surf. Spend more time trying new things and tricks, new mooves...

Brazil 2013
I'll be there for sure, hope to see as many riders as possible, locals from brazil and others, to push the level up one more time.

A really good way to keep in touch with all the sport's news and done a very good work during the worlds 2011.

Last words
I want to give a big Thanks to all the team from guadeloupe, our coach etienne with who I caught my first wave, and with who I won the OPEN title!! Thanks to my club, molem gliss, always supporting us, to my parents too! to clement, my surf binomial, with who I've progressed in the sport from the begining and had the greatest souvenirs of my life.