World Waveski Champion 2011

Name: Sandra Pienaar
Address: South Africa
Occupation: Project Manager
Paddle since: 1987
Other sports: Golf, Ironman, Jetski
Canoe Club: CSA
WWST11 Ocean Spirit Festival:
Excellent!. I feel that this should be held as the World Cup every alternate year to the World champs. We used to do this in the nineties until world champs began as a yearly event. They then reverted back to every second year. Ocean spirit is good for the sport, it is ideally situated in Europe, so it is relatively cheap for contestants from the UK and States to also compete. Actually for us too! As so many kayakers are involved, they could be potential future waveskiers thus going the sport. Giving it the name “Ocean Spirit World Cup” gives it prestige and therefore many would compete. It was a great success in the past. The only difference now is being part of Ocean Spirit, which in my opinion is the best World champs that I have EVER attended. The media coverage was awesome and I think that here lies the link to grow the sport! I hope someone will take this seriously and consider!
So beautiful and very cheap compared to the rest of Europe. I will definitely be back!
World waveski scene:
Definitely progressing, Europe especially. But like I said before, bring in the world cup and you will see tremendous growth!
Will defend in Brazil
Excellent feedback and videos
Last words:
Thanks Portugal, Bruno, Kayaksurf.net for an amazing Worlds. It was an honour for me to win at ocean spirit as it was such a big event on the Portuguese calendar. You made us feel like stars and treated us that way too. It was mind blowing stuff! I cannot wait for you to host it again.


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