BEN JOHN / Searching for the BIG ones series

-Ben John
-31 years old
-Avalon, Sydney, Australia
-Ferry Captain ( Boat)
-Waveski since 18
-website for Ben John video's www.vimeo.com/waveski

Biggest wave surfed:
-Surfed many different big waves with many around the 15 foot mark or 20 foot plus wave faces.

Where and when:
Big wave locations around home mainly.

Use bigger fins on a pin or round tail board. Would like to develop a lot more in specifically made big wave waveski's. I think a heavier board can also be better due to the bounce you can get from chop at high speeds that are reached riding big waves.

Main thoughts about that feeling...
There is nothing better than testing yourself against the might of mother nature. Especially if you can escape a life killing wave!

Advices to big wave enthusiasts:
Physical preperation is the best way to handle big waves which will make you more mentally ready when you are faced in a dangerous position. When the surf is small instead of driving back home go for a run/swim or gym to prepare yourself for the next big swell to arrive. And always relax as much as you can during a big wipeout to save your oxygen.

Next challenge:
I had a trip booked to surf the massive swell that hit Cloudbreak (Fiji) last year that Kelly Slater famously missed the J-bay comp to surf . I had to cancel due to work reasons which was upsetting. So i feel i will surf massive Cloudbreak when i can next and anywhere else i feel i want to challenge myself.

Also Luis i will have a 3 minute section and interview on a huge surf film production that tours nationally on the big screen in April called "Immersion". Its a great moment for all Paddle sport enthusiast as it puts us all in the mainstream and the larger scale audience can see what we do! It is a huge moment for myself and the sport. I will hopefully send a link in a few months to my vimeo page .

All the best and thankyou again for your thought in choosing me for your website.

Thanks Ben! 
With your high surf level, it's always a pleasure to have you on kayaksurf.net ;)



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