Name: Marc Holland
Age: 23
Occupation: Self employed plumber
Kayaking experience: 11 years
Sponsors: DB Exclusive, Mitchell Blades, Nookie
Address: Im lucky enough to live in south west Wales. There is a wide variety of surf breaks and good rivers in this area!
Competition records: World surf kayak championships Ireland 2003 – 3rd junior HP

Hi Marc... how did you started on kayaksurf?
I started kayaking with my local club GVP. The instructors there introduced me to river running, freestyle and kayak surfing. There I met Bethan, Ben and Tim Thomas who all surf kayaked for Wales. They invited me to a welsh team training day where I got to meet the rest of the welsh team. From this point on I was hooked on surfing.

You started very young to enter on the World Championships (Ireland 2003 for example). What kind of memories do you keep of that contest?
I was only 18 and it was my first international competition so I was well chuffed to win a bronze medal. I was amazed how friendly and helpful these top surfers from all over the world were and the atmosphere was buzzing…. And I don’t think I will ever forget playing minesweeper with yellow boy!!

You're a member of the Welsh Surf Kayak Team. What kind of support do you have?
The Welsh Canoeing Association give us a lot of support and help with funding for competitions.

Describe us the best surf spots you have in your country...
Living in Pembrokeshire I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a selection of consistent breaks. Freshwater West is on the south west point of Wales. It is a very popular break, with a series of reefs linking two bays, which catches all of the Atlantic swell and is big enough to cope with a lot of surfers.

You also were with Nathan in the great surf trip to Morocco. Best memories from that adventure...
It has to be just living, traveling and surfing with a great bunch of people!! As this was my first big trip I have loads of memories – some of the best waves I have ever surfed, going out with Andre in Lisbon, amazing sunsets, barbecued fish and Christmas in morocco.

You've already surfed in Portugal several times. What do you think about our waves and country?
Portugal will always be one of my favorite countries! Nathan and I spent a month traveling down the coast and surfed some of the best waves I have ever surfed.

Your favourite surf spot...
It would have to be Tafadna in Morocco because we had the place to ourselves, it was a great right pointbreak.

And paddler… do you have anyone in special that you admire very much?
I have to thank Nathan Eades for all his help over the past few years. Even though we compete against each other he will always point out ways in which I can improve. He doesn’t take life too seriously and he’s always up for a laugh.

Describe us your gear at this moment...
Fusion 77 surf kayak by dbeclusive, Nemesis paddle by Mitchell Blades, deck, bouancy aid and gravity cag from nookie.

What was the biggest scare that you've had in the sea?
When my deck blew on a point break in morocco in big surf. I wasn’t wearing a bouyancy aid so it was a tough swim back to the head.

What's your one favourite thing about the paddling lifestyle?
Chilling out by the sea with a good group of friends and ending the day’s surf with a cold beer.

What are you hearing this moment on your ipod?
Jack Johnson, cold play, shwayze, streets, stereophonics

Your favourite web paddling sites are:
Of course http://www.kayaksurf.net/ is great for photos and interviews. http://www.nookie.co.uk/ , http://www.dbexclusive.co.uk/ and http://www.mitchellblades.co.uk/ are all good sites for getting kit. Most days I look at http://www.magicseaweed.com/ to see what the surf is doing.

Can we expect you in Portugal again for the Worlds 2009?
Yeah can’t wait to return to a great place.

Projects you have for kayaksurf in your life...
I have just booked my flight to Ecuador, surfing out there for a month. After that I just want to travel to as many different countries and surf as many different breaks as I can.

Thanks Marc! See you in Portugal!
Text - Luis Pedro Abreu
Photos - Nathan Eades / bakio.com
Vdeo: RapidTransitVideo.com


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