Name: Fabrizio Rombj
Age: 39
Occupation: Electrical engineer
Kayaking experience: many years of river kayak around the Europe and kayaksurf in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic.
Address: Genoa - Italy

Hi Fabrizio ... kayaksurf in the Mediterraneo, when is it possible?

Most of people think that in the Mediterranean sea is not possible to find good waves for the kayaksurf , but this is not right.Sardegna, Toscana and Liguria regions offer good waves expecially during fall and spring seasons and spots like Varazze or Levanto in Liguria and Capo Mannu in Sardegna are well known from the most famous pro-surfers of the world.

Almost all the kayaksurfers have the river experience... do you think that the river experience is essential to the kayaksurfer?

Technically speaking the river experience is not essential, but I think that it is propedeutic to become a good surfkayakers. Moreover most of young people without river experience prefer to learn the surf instead to kayak…………it is most published from the media and probably also less expansive.

What do you think about the evolution of this sport in your country?

Up to 2 or 3 years ago, in Italy the kayaksurf was practicized using river kayaks and consequently the interest of this activity was limited to a small group of people. Now, with the introduction of surfkayaks like Mega and so on, the surfkayak is not more considered like a “holiday to the sea” and the interest for this sport is increasing day after day both from river and sea kayakers.

And about gear.. how do you see the actual evolution in surfkayaks?

When I started with surfkayak I used a river kayaks. It was good for river running or surfing but in the sea waves it was not possible to use it like a surf. The absence of fins and the different shape didn’t permit most of manoeuvres like bottom or top turn, floater and so on…. Now the actual surf kayaks are simply fantastic: fast in the wave, easy and precise in the manoeuvring………..thanks a lot to Malcolm and all other shaper for their work.

What is your favourite surfkayak?

Now I have a Mega Merlin and it is the best surfkayak I ever used.

What future do you see for kayaksurf in the world?

This sport is increasing, but a lot of work must be done again. The competitions like World championship are important for the growth of the kayaksurf, but I believe that the sport must be promoted by means demonstrations, schools, camps, and so on. For example: in Italy everyone knows the surf, but even most of kayakers ignore the existence of dedicated surfkayaks. When I bought my boat I contacted directly Mega by the website and probably I have been one of the first Italian people to have a surfkayak……

What was the biggest scare that you've had in the sea?

Each time I surf a wave bigger than 2 meters I have a “shock” for my heart, but after many eskimo rolls I have understood that it is only a problem of confidence of the water. I hope will never have a big scare…..I’m too old to change sport again!!!

Your favourite web paddling sites are:

Kayaksurf.net, Playak, and CKI (Canoakayakitalia). This is a Italian paddling site with a interesting forum, where most of kayak arguments are discussed.

Did you knew kayaksurf.net?

It is most of time I know Kayaksurf.net, I decided to buy a surfkayak looking at your site. Moreover writing in double language you give me the opportunity to learn a little bit of Portuguese. Thank you for your lessons!!!

Next worlds will be in Portugal 2009... can we expect an Italian team?

I hope so… Also in Mundaka two Italian kayakers was present and they come back in Italy enthusiastic of their experience. This is a brief report of their comments: The level of surf is incredibly high… wonderful people…. good wine……good food…. So, an experience to repeat!

You are a member of the kayaksurf.net.net News Team... what kind of contribution do you plan to give?

Italian rivers like Noce, Sesia etc. are already well known from kayakers of all the world. I would like to demonstrate them that in Italy it is also possible the find good waves….Waves, but also spaghetti, pizza and good red wine….!!!

And besides the competition scene, which are the surf spots that you have like a "dream" to surf?

I'm just come back from my honeymoon in New Zealand; it is a paradise for the surf. But I “dream” to surf in Portugal very soon. Good waves and great surfkayakers; a perfect place where to improve my surf…

Let us some suggestions to those who want to start surfkayaking…

Stay in the water all your free time; surfkayaking is funny with each condition of the sea and it is a wonderful outdoor activity.

Thanks a lot Fabrizio! Meet you in Portugal.

Published on 02.01.08
Text - Luis Pedro Abreu
Photos - surfers.it + Personal Archive of Fabrizio Rombj


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