The motiv of this new conversation with Malcolm Pearcey, were the NEW toys just released from MEGA - Merlinski and this new surfkayak (still without a name) but one more choice among all the other great surf machines that usually came out from Mega Factory.

KAYAKSURF.NET - Mega had already worked on waveski's but now, came with a new generation: present us the Merlinski.

MALCOLM PEARCEY - Unlike some who have taken waveski hulls and planted them onto surf kayaks i thought it would be fun, and original to try it he other way around. The Merlin kayak has proved itself at the highest level and the Merlinski has had some great feedback from those who have tried it, Great performance and somewhat easier to paddle than some of the high performance ski's from more taditional ski manufacturers.

Waveskis or surfkayaks? - the eternal question...

As you say the "Eternal Question" and I don’t think there is a "right answer" , Both have their own merrits and disadvantages. For example, In a kayak ,the ability to roll is pretty vital, whereas on a ski you can simply climb back on. Kayaks tend to be more stable, and easier to get out through the break, are definately a warmer place to be in really cold conditions. If you look at the Strong Countries in Wave Ski , South Africa, Australia the weather and water tend to be somewhat warmer than Europe. The French of course have always been strong on Ski's but kayaks are certainly becoming more popular there aswell.
I think the bottom line is that you choose your weapon of choice, and just go enjoy yourself.

And about the NEW surfkayak. Present us the new toy from Mega...

The latest boat from Mega is a development of both the Short RR's and the Neutron RV. Its not a replacement for either but a new boat aimed at both the larger paddler and also as a stable platform for those new to surf kayaking. There are a large number of river boat paddlers who take their river boats out into the surf because its what they are familiar with and they can find some of the high performance surf kayaks quite intimidating. This latest boat with its high, wide knee position has some of the attributes of a river kayak but with the added benefit of a true surf kayak hull and performance. The extra width also makes it somewhat more stable.
It 1st outing, in less than ideal conditions, at the weekend got a good response from those that had time to try it out. It will be interesting to see how it performs once we get some good waves to try it on ,but I think it will be very good.

Which is, until now, the most successful model from Mega on the market?

With such a comprehensive range of boats covering a wide range of paddler sizes it is logical that the most popular boats are probably the Neutron and the Merlin. These are aimed around he middle of the population weight range wise, are both awesome boats performance wise and have had big exposure in the hands of some of the worlds best paddlers.
If you look at some of the other models, then the lighter guys and girls are going for the Reflex and at the top end the Scarab and Megatron are both selling very well.
I think the boat that has really been a real revelation as regards sales though is the Bullitt "S". Its combination of ease of paddling, ability to surf a wide range of conditions and comfort for long paddling sessions has made it an instant success. It was aimed firmly at the recreational surfer which makes up by far the biggest numbers out in the surf.

Mega surfkayaks won the Expression Session and the World Cup in the Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit this year in Portugal. A brief comment about these results...

We were hoping to make it out to Ocean Spirit but the timing was just not right this year. It is without doubt a Premier Event and those who made the trip this year from the UK have nothing but praise for the event.
I believe that in the Mega Flying Squad we have some of the most skilled and dynamic surf kayakers in the world. What is really encouraging is to see the performance and skill increase in the group of Juniors that we now have. The dedication and effort put in by these guys is a real example to others and with what support we at Mega can put in I am sure that they represent the next generation of the Worlds top senior paddlers. It was great to see Philip Watson take the win in the expression session and get 4th in the Mens World Cup. Edu and Roberta both taking World Cup Wins in their respective finals.

When do you come to Portugal again?

I am guessing that our next trip to Portugal is likely to be for the Worlds next year. I am really looking forward to coming back there as I am sure are all the Pearcey familly and Team Mega.

Thanks Malcolm! See you in Portugal.




luis pedro abreu


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