Portuguese HP Kayaksurf Champion 2011

Name: Miguel Dias de Carvalho
Address: Portugal
Occupation: Student
Paddle since: July 2008
Other sports: Surf / Unicycle
Canoe Club: Kayaksurf Figueira
Sponsors: Watertech, Gath

Main sportive achievements: 4th Junior in Kayaksurf World Championship 2009 / 3rd Junior In Waveski World Championship 2011

WWST11 Ocean Spirit Festival:
As Always, the Ocean Spirit Festival was awsome with an amazing level of waveski (I had never seen so many waveskis flying at the same time!). The true spirit was always present with the company of loads of diferent kinds of sports in the water and not a single fight or shouting and, of course, wit the friends in the water an in the night, always having fun. It is an amazing festival and i hope it continues to happen every year. This year, specially, was great as well since I achieved the 3rd place in the Juniors.

Two podiums: Kayaksurf 2009 and Waveski 2011
Back in 2009 i never expected to achieve the podium and the same happened this year. With hard work and some luck i am very happy to have achieved those places. Back in 2009, i didn't have any experience and was super nervous, so the 4rd place was almost certain. This year i knew the the level was super high, but if i could get two good waves and control more or less my position during the heat, using my competition experience that i have gather during this years, i could do better than a 4rd place. Both were great finals I had lots of fun and learned a lot, and that's the most important.

World Surfkayak USA 2011
I would had loved to go to USA with Andre to meet new places and spots to surf. I also would like to thank to all my friends that made all the efforts so I could go to Outer Banks. Unfortunatelly, the actual crisis weighed negatively in the possible supports and I just could not go. I followed the event by distance on kayaksurf.net and the level was really high!

Portuguese kayaksurf and waveski circuit
I maintained the results on kayaksurf HP and I'm very glad with this victory. For 2012, I'll try to do the same and also on waveski class. As I'm studing now in Lisboa, I'm more focused in the national events but, if I had the chance, I'll do all my best to go to the international ones.

Brazil 2013:
It is an excellent excuse to travel and visit a new place and new waves. I would love to go and i hope more help will come in the future, because alone i can't afford to go. Let's wait and see.

Kayaksurf.net has done an awesome work keeping up to date all there is to know about the sport (waveski /kayaksurf) and is a great place to learn some crucial points with the interviews and videos. From this site I've learned a lot and i keep learning everyday. All the best for this site, keep up the excellent work!

Last words
Good Waves for all, keep on surfing and having fun, because that's what it's all about

Thanks Miguel and all the best in 2012 ;)