RANDOM KAYAKS / English Version

RANDOM KAYAKS by Darren Bason

The light version of our latest chat with Darren Bason. This time, more as a designer and partner of Random Kayaks - his new aussie adventure. On the top, we can see Darren and Steve Farthing - Random Team in the Portugal Worlds 2009.

Hi Darren. First Worlds for Random Surfkayaks. Satisfied with the experience?
Yes very satisfied. We only had the finished product 2 weeks b4 the worlds and it seem to to perform out standingly.

Steve was World Champ with the Evolution... present us this model…
This is our 1st model the evolution its basically a wave ski design with a deck on it ,its just simple technology and it really works well myself and Terry my partner looked at all the other kayaks and ski's we had surfed and just put all our ideas together.

You also have a wave-ski. That's the one you're going to surf next waveski worlds?
At the moment my ski is in production, but it is the evolution with the deck cut down to a ski hopefully it will be the same feeling as the kayak version which will make it easy to transfer from one to the other. Fingers crossed anyway.

New projects for Random in the near future…
The next thing in the pipeline is an international class kayak, we will need to get an Aussie team for the next worlds and i want to use our own international kayak for the team. We also have no international kayaks available over here at the moment.

One Evolution went for England and the other for Japan. When will we have some in Portugal?
You just have to mail Future Kayaks! Talk with James and he gets you the Random surfkayak or waveski you want. He represents us in Europe (UK).

Can we count with you on kayaksurf.net for all the news from Australia ;)
Of course we will keep you guys at kayaksurf fully up to date on everything down under.
Thanks a lot Darren and all the luck for Random!
luis pedro abreu


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