Rui Calado presents us The Fly by Watertech


Width: 60.7 cm
Length: 225 cm
Rider weight: 90 kg
Kayak Weight: Depends on the construction ... between 6 and 8 kg

Hello Rui, how did  The Fly" appeared?
The name or the kayak? : D We're still quite happy with the ONA's results and performance. Proved to be a very fast, maneuverable, fun and beautiful kayak ... But we do not like to rest in the shade of the models we have done and like to try out new principles, new shapes, new possibilities. So once again we decided to make a new model from scratch.

It was tested and retested, we change the shape a number of times until we get this form that the W-Riders liked. There's plenty of "room" for the legs and so it goes perfect for the bigger riders out there.

The name - The Fly - came out during the last Ocean Spirit in a talk with Migas. The idea was his, and it was because it's a kayak that will fly high!! And the flies have the particularity to fly very quickly and change direction at a breakneck speed ... this is the beginning of this kayak.

Then we have the "Mach 1" ... why a polyethylene version?
This was an idea we've had ever since the Watertech started. When someone begins on this sport pays to have a first machine in "plastic" so it doesn't brake so easily... And for those who surf only now and then or in areas with lots of stone it is also a good option. Besides the price, of course ...

And from the beginning that seemed a cool idea to have one kayak with a mirror: the composite and polyethylene. Although they are not going to be exactly the same it is possible to compare the performance of each other. We have been working on this version with the Zero Attivo, an Italian new brand but very innovative and with a good spirit. We decided to have two distinct names so it doesn't generate confusions.

Bruno (Melo) is the shaper of this kayak and, according to a conversation we've had, it is a model very close to the surf of a waveski ... you confirm?
Most of the riders who paddles kayaks and a waveski knows that waveskis have a different way of moving on a wave. Better or worse, faster or slower, easier or more difficult is not at issue here. Just the way we move in the wave, the way we change direction ... the speed we make things...

It's a feeling that we want to pass on with this new kayak ... And we have room for the legs get looser and be fastened with a belt just like in a waveski, where the waist work is very important ... a kind of a crossover (now in fashion: D)
If you want, of course, because the kayak comes just like the others and can be used normally.

In these last two years we've done dozens of waveskis with various sizes, volumes and kinds of shape... and this allows us an evolution that we would not have if we made only kayaks because we would make only on model or two per year... we make 20 or 30 waveskis and this allows us a faster evolution of the shape and perception of the reactions of the hulls, channels, concaves, etc etc... We develop the shape for Waveskis and use the information on the kayaks. And vice versa :-)

When can we order these surfkayaks?
Both are in the process of molding and hopefully begin to be manufactured soon, I hope that in March The Fly will be ripping the waves. And a bit later the first Mach 1.

What are the expectations for 2012 about the W-Team?
No major changes to the Team this year, the guys has done a good job, earn some competitions, have fun, but take only a few pictures and videos ... but they are great riders to compensate ... eh eh eh

Is there some more news  this year?
We hope to have a lot :-) We have another model on the go ... This also completely different from the past and shaped with Chris Harvey. It will be a revolutionary machine meant for experts!

How do you comment this collaboration between kayaksurf.net and Watertech?
kayaksurf.net has given us a good help to be known throughout the world! It is "The place" for those who want to know anything about the world of surfkayaking.

Last words...
Spend as much time as possible in the water having fun wit our machines ... at least that's what I do ... eh eh eh

Thanks a lot Rui and all the best for W!