SPIN / All about the new surfkayak made by RPF

RPF began 2012 with a new surfkayak. It had been tested for past few weeks and has been presented early January this year. This new surfkayak breaks the usual RPF designs and introduces a fresh and new image. At the same time RPF has presented its new Surf Team, that is going to represent the Portuguese brand in the Portuguese Kayaksurf and Waveski National Circuit.
The news from RPF are not over, and Rui Fonseca, owner of RPF, is just finishing a new version of the Shark - the SOT known for allowing everyone to surf in a kayak. While we wait for the new sit-on-top, lets take a look at the new SPIN. Presentation of the new surfkayak, with Rui Fonseca.


Width: 63cm / 2,06 feet
Length: 2.29m / 7,5 feet
Paddler weight: up to 90kg+-
Kayak Weight: 8.620kg full-equipped (High-tech version)

Hello Rui, tell us, how SPIN has made?
RUI FONSECA - The SPIN has been a project made with lots of care because RPF has been changing, evolving and improving our kayak designs. Listening to the opinions from friends and surfers all around the globe, we corrected lots of details and then tested the prototype, before making the final mould and the first models.

You say you changed your kayak designs... why?
It's like in the auto industry. Designs evolved, tastes change and the level of demand increases. Thanks to the contribution from a close team, we managed to make SPIN. It's Light, fast and fun, and essentially it's a step forward.

Can we order a SPIN? And prices?
Off course! We are in full production and the prices depend on the construction choices. Standard from 830 euro's / High Tech from 1025 euro's / Full Carbon 1295 euro's.

You started 2012 full with news about RPF. The new surf team is one of them...
We already had a series of athletes that compete with RPF kayaks in the Portuguese Circuit. Gonçalo, Ratinho, João Vaz and Eurico had always promoted our brand, by surfing with Shark, Blast and Rapanui. Now, we invited 3 more guys to the Team. Henrique Frazão, because we know him very well from the partnership between is University, Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior, where he teaches, and also because he is a great surfer, he loves kayaksurf, and he has won the Portuguese KS Circuit on IC. 

Alberto, because since the first time saw him surf, I realised he has lots of potential, he is young, has a beautiful surf and has great attitude towards life and sport. Javi, is our big international acquisition, (laugh's). He is a very dear and old friend of RPF and he had give inumerous proofs of his value, not only in Spain but also in Portugal. He is a very big enthusiast of kayaksurf and he know is way into podiums. The most important thing is that every one of them are big friends of RPF, and that is why I invited them all. If they don't won anything they are all fired, (laughs)!!!

What are your expectations for this year?
The same as usual. I'm not going to make big demands from them. I know the most important is to have fun while surfing, and of course I like to see them all surfing with RPF kayaks, that is why I have this big passion for kayaks. If they won, even better. The most important thing is that they share. I know the new kayaks will give them a better chances and a good technical starting point, I also know all of them are going to make is very best to get the best results. I also talk for myself! This year I'm going to participate in the SOT category, cause I also want my share of fun ;-)

Is there any more news, from RPF, this year?
Yes there are! We are just finishing SHARK II. This sot surfkayak it's one of you best know models, and is also the easiest and simple way to start in kayaksurf. Everyone can have fun with this kayak, and the new shape is just going to boost this. It's faster, aggressive and lighter! The first one is almost out of the mould. After this new Shark, we have a few more projects on the way, but for now let's keep them as a secret! hehehehehe

The first collaboration with kayaksurf.net has been curiously foreign. Now, RPF is a usual and Portuguese presence in the site. Any comments on this partnership?
Well, I can say clearly, like our friends from Galicia said once, "if you are not in kayaksurf.net, you do not exist". RPF had taken a big step in its visibility worldwide being present and working together with kayaksurf.net. The News are essential to increase the number of visitor on our website and the work that we accomplished is great. The promotion of our kayaks, our activities, the interviews, and the reports are essential. I speak for myself! Every morning when I arrive in RPF, I check kayaksurf.net for the latest news. We have struggling against the crisis, here in Portugal and in the rest of the world, so it's nice to see more Portuguese brands sharing the same space. We all need to promote and sell our products. I really like to see RPF in the same site as Watertech, Onda, Quiksilver Figueira. With healthy competition everyone has something to improve and gain.

Last Words?
I would like to thank to all of my friends. Everyone of them are important, Hugo Nascimento for the ideas and strategy, João Vaz for the technical collaboration in BLAST & SHARK II, the RPF work team, (Zé, Eurico, Rui Alves, Rúben, and Filomena that put up with me every day), and to all the friends that usually visit us in the "chafarica". The BLAST, the SPIN, and the new SHARK are only possible thanks to them. 

Obrigado Rui!