Toshi Nagaoke

Name: Nagaoke Toshiyuki

Age: 1954 (52)

Address: Kakisaki 788, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan. zip-code 415-0013

Occupation: Running Kayaking school

Years of kayaking: 17years

Sponsors: none

Personal Website: seakayak@izu.co.jp

Accomplishments: ACA(American Canoe Assosiation)/ certified instructor. participated in Santa Cruz 2004
and world championship in Costa Rica 2005

Other interests: Windsurfing

Hi Toshi... you started with windsurfing but always with kayaks in your activities. Tell us better the entire story…
I have been running two kayaking school located in front of the beach. I have been windsurfing long time, and also have wrote the a book about it. Windsurf is really fun, surfing and jumping, however, it is needed strong wind in order to do that performance and sometimes it doesn't happen. So, I was looking for other surf sports without wind and I started seakayaking

And after seakayaking… how did you reach kayaksurf?
I have been surfing with seakayak since 1998 but I was hooked on surfkayaking in 2000 when I got the certification of ACA instructor at Half Moon Bay, California. Afterwards, I do surfkayak three or five days every week. Now I think I have the class for surfkayaking.

Do you think that, for surf kayaking, surfbording (or other surf sport) is also important?
Yes, I think so. In my case, windsurfing helped me a lot in surfkayaking.

You were in 2004 Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival. How did it run?
It was very good because it was my first time in a surfkayak competition.

And last year you also were in Costa Rica Worlds. Satisfied with the experience?
Of course, I had a good time at Costa Rica. I have entered for masters andgrandmasters classes. Anyway, I did a very long distance trip to get there and and I liked to be known around. What it was difficult was to keep body in good conditions! I made a lot of good friends and it was the best for me. I also learned how to promote surfkayak in Japan and how to expand it better.

What international surfkayak contests do you intend to go now?
My experience of surfkayak competition abroad is small. I am looking forward to visit Spain Mundaka in 2007.

And at home… where do you usually surf?
I live in near Shirahama beach (south of Izu peninsula) where is the best spot for me.

And now about Japan... how is surfkayaking around there?

Just started. I have benn informing surfkayaking world on my web-page and have classes for the beginners in my school. And also, I have contracted of dealer with MURKY. I would like to be known surfkayaking world such a fun to the Japanese paddlers. There are lot of beaches and paddle surfers around there in Japan. We do not have wide open spaces each beaches. Therefore, we have to avoid trouble with other surfers anyway.

And the other paddling disciplines (creek, river running, slalom, etc). What is the most popular among Japanese paddlers?
River-kayaking including slalom, free-style and next sea-kayaking.

Do you usually participate on surfkayak contests?
Yes, I do. However the grade it's too far to the world contests. There's still nothing like that in Japan at the present.

So, you still don't have any national surfkayak circuit….
No, not at the present.

What surfkayak have you at the moment?

And about the other gear... paddle, helmet and PDF. What are your favourite stuff?
I have Warner and AT paddles, Sweet and Gath helmets, Astral and Reed.

What did most scares you on the sea?
Strong off-shore wind.

What are your favourite moves?
Three sixty and and cut backs. I also like big airs or rip-turns. I just got a very light weight boat from MURKY anyway and I hope to do that in near future!

And paddler... do you have someone in mind that admires more for his (her) skills?
Vince Shay, Jim Grossman and especially in mind that great moves of Rusty Sage at Costa Rica .

What are you hearing at this moment on your Ipod?

Your favourite paddling pages on the net...

Did you knew this site - www.kayaksurf.net - what do you think about it?
This is really good for surfkayakers who want to start from now and we will be able to know about surfkayak news of the world.

Thanks Toshi! Have a great swell over there in the Pacific!




Blogger butch said...

Hey Toshi

you're really cool guy and enthusiastic instructor I've never met. I've been respecting for your style and achievements.
Definetely you're my role model.

I really wanna go you place.
I will be there when I get a job.Therefore, please wait for a little while man.

Hirokazu Kuramochi(butch)

6:27 da manhã  
Anonymous xlpharmacy said...

He is very good, I have watched some videos of him in action and wow, so cool to watch.

2:12 da tarde  

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